Gorjan Shukov

iOS Swift developer

МојВоздух (MojVozduh) iOS

Application for displaying air quality in Macedonia
30.000+ users
6 awards

iOS Developer at WebFactory LLC

Worked as iOS developer( swift )
Jun 2016 – Sep 2017

Revim - Reverse Image Search iOS

Application for searching by image
3.000+ users

Teacher at The A-Team

Teacher for programming courses (C, C++, Java, C#...) at The A-Team

Vikni Taksi - Викни Такси iOS

Application that provides information and contact numbers for all of the cab companies located in Skopje, Macedonia
6.000+ users

Driving licence test

Simple javascript & jquery web project meant for self learning/testing

Website project for the company Pine

Developed front and back-end website pine.com.mk. Responsive design compatible with any smartphone.

Skopje, Karpos
DOB: 10/28/1992